Dion D’Lucia is a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from North London.

Deciding that acting was no longer his path, Dion D’Lucia switched his focus to music, turning his passion for it into a career. He has since been demonstrating his own take on the UK music scene, collaborating with other artists and creating projects which draw in influences from various music genres such as, Soul and R&B.

Dion’s latest music release *Grateful for the Greatness*, a 6 track Ep released in 2018, combines song and rap with tones of Afro Wave, R&B and Bashment. Produced by Luke Thompson, including a collaboration with rapper Brownsilla, this project demonstrates how Dion reflects his experiences through his song writing and performing.

With the aim of developing and promoting his song-rap style of music, Dion has previously teamed up with producers such as: Bayoz Muzik and Switch Hustle, to share musical creativity with other artists. Having released  music videos on platforms such as GRM Daily and LinkUp TV, Dion continues with these creative collaborations.

Dion is continually developing his creative side to song-write, perform, produce and create music videos with eclectic sounds and concepts for his upcoming projects, and as a result, the release of his new material is always eagerly anticipated.

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